For almost forty years, Thai On Ski Run’s location was called Nepheles, and it was a much-loved local stablishment. A favorite of the Heavenly Ski Patrol, and many infamous locals, and with hot tubs in the back, you can imagine the walls had some stories to tell!

When Nepheles closed down in the late spring of 2018, Thanya and Oliver Starr decided to make Thanya’s dream of opening a Thai restaurant in South Lake Tahoe a reality.

The reconstruction of the location took almost a year. The result is a brand-new interior that kept significant elements of the original location’s layout and character while upgrading everything to modern standards.

We take great pride in our food and in our efforts to be a low impact business. We prepare truly authentic Thai food. Many of the dishes come directly from Thanya’s family recipe book. We use premium ingredients. Our noodles are fresh, not dried. Our curries are dairy-free because we make them with 100% coconut milk. We use fresh Thai chilies – when we call something a spicy #5, we REALLY mean it. (You’ve been warned!)

To reduce unnecessary waste, we only serve water on demand, and we use compostable or recyclable containers for our to-go orders whenever possible.

If you have particular dietary restrictions, please let your server know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We hope you enjoy this unique location and the delicious food we make here.